I drive trough the desert,

Colt 45 in my car

I'm gonna get away,

Away from my town.


I don't regret what I have done

There is 20 more miles to Sarajevo

I can not hide, but I can run

There is 20 more reasons to get away.


Neon lights burns, shadows in night.

Air is heavy, I don't know why.

Eyeshadow can't cover my eyes.

I think is only sand of time.


You are not judge of me

There is only desert to be breath

I see behind the stars

I only feel, smell of gasoline




I’m walking winters road,

I close my heart

Last ray of day,

is vanished from your eyes


I’m walking winters road,

space is sleeping quietly

and stars under the void

and humming a lullaby


I’m standing near the drift

afraid to look down

I can’t feel you, no more

I don’t know what I’m living for


I’m standing step away

when you pull me back

circle is full again

I’m ready to start again




Empty white paper not word to say

using my last pen not gonna buy a new one

Last coffee from the jar stack of bills on the counter

I am broken again, I am broken again!


It’s time to start again

a new grey day

Face tomorrow my friend

a new grey day again!


Water and stale bread my breakfast, my lunch, my everything

A new bill on the floor haven’t opened the last one

Today I will lose power

Still time for a last smoke!


It’s time…




Jimmy lives on the streets,

he have no place to go,

nights are cold and full of fear,

he can only close he's eyes


Then Jimmy can see what he can be


He can shine above the streets

He can fly higher than an airplane

Can we give him a one more chance

Chance to show the world what Jimmy is made for


Jimmy hears screams from the alley

There's a poor girl, need for help

Jimmy grab his bag and run to the alley

There's bad man and the poor girl


Then Jimmy can show what he can be


Jimmy take a shot for the poor girl

Sirens screams trough the night

Fearful voice voice says thank you

Jimmy take poor girls hand


Then Jimmy says we gonna be OK!




It awakens you at night doesn’t let you sleep

When you try catch it…it disappears

It doesn’t let you touch

It comes to you only when it wants


Your role in this life is…

your role is to serve!


It has control over you

you have no change to win

but still, you wouldn’t change a thing


It has control…


It tears up the place, but it doesn’t regret

you think, you are king at the castle

but you are dethrone

you look after it everyday, forever


Your role in this life is…

your role is to serve!


It has control…




Fade away, winter tale

Shine again, my morning star

Rise ahead, above the pale forest

Whisper again, lauder than the earthquakes



Shame on my, my lonely star

I will heal, fragile halo

Decay away, dark night

Fallow me, closer than my heart beats



Midnight sun is brighter than forever

before the moon eclipse the shine,

Now I know that you will never follow me

I will wait that we will meet again




I saw something on the corner of my eye

every day it turned more clear

i can feel the shivers down my spine

every day i get more scared


Im never alone in my bed

There is something wrong in my head

If I stop and stear, I can see it stering at me

more I stear it, more I get sceard


There must be the way to get rid of it

Before I lose my mind, oh no

Shadows of my mind crowl across the days

I just want you to, go away


I don't know my loveones anymore

they are just shells of human beens

I think they are just machines

the machines of destruction




I go from station to station

Searching for my train

The train to take me home

Through the dusty road


Yesterday there's nothing for me

Just wanna swim through the tides

Climb over the mountains and finally

I'm home


(Too many) stories I have found

On my way back home

Fairy tales have wings

My stories have horns

Yesterday there's nothing for me..






















































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